Globe and Mail’s Jeremy Cato reviews the 2014 X5 5.0i

The full review by Cato can be found online by following this link.


The X5 is no doubt one of BMW’s best selling models; especially when you consider that it was the pioneer for the Sports Activity Vehicle in the automotive industry. Jeremy Cato,¬† senior author for Globe and Mail’s Globe Drive and an automotive industry writer for 25 years, had a chance to review the All-new 2014 X5 5.0i and had mostly only great things to say.

He scored the ride quality at a 9/10, opening the article with a great headline: “BMW’s big beast is bold and buttery smooth”, underlining the fact that the “X5 5.0i is muscular enough to be called a truck, yet the engine is buttery smooth and quiet”. Cato follows it up with the fact that he’s “floored by the small-car handling of a modern, luxurious truck with three rows of seats and the technology of a spaceship”.


The only true concern Cato had for the X5 was that it wasn’t revolutionary – only evolutionary from the previous generation of X5 and not bringing enough to the table to truly be revolutionary. To that, I can only say that it sometimes takes baby steps before you can leap into creating history, like the first X5 did with the Sports Activity Vehicle market.


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