2014 is the Year of BMW!

Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby – the entire Lower Mainland – is home to many that celebrate the Lunar New Year. This Lunar New Year is set to arrive on the 31st of January and according to the Chinese calendar, it will be the year of the Horse. Now here’s an interesting fact – BMW is also known as “Bao Ma”, or “a precious horse” in Chinese.

The two characters for "Bao" and "Ma", also used to represent BMW.

The two characters for “Bao” and “Ma”, also used to represent BMW.

“Bao” – “precious or of high value” and “Ma” – “horse”. Literally translated, it can mean “a treasured horse”. Considering how horseback was one of the only modes of land transportation in ancient history, a treasured horse could very well be seen as The Ultimate Driving Machine. After all, the power output of an engine is gauged by horsepower for a reason.

It’s almost a no-brainer: 2014 will be the Year of BMW. With the release of the several new lines for the active-luxury car market such as the 4 Series, 2 Series, the all new X5 and even more to come in electric vehicles for 2014, this is going to be an amazing year for everyone to experience Sheer Driving Pleasure with BMW.

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