Engine Preheater Systems Available Now!

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Severe cold weather conditions can impact how quickly your vehicle starts. That’s why an efficient Engine Preheater System is now available for your BMW.

• A preheated engine means reduced cabin warm up time.
• 33% reduced emissions on cold startups.*
• Tested in temperatures as low as -40°C.**
• Engineered for your BMW by DEFA.
• Fully sealed connectors and components to prevent corrosion from water and salt.

The Preheater System’s power source is also a battery charging system that extends the life of your battery, keeping it at its optimal performance level.

Preheater Systems starting at $695 installed. Complete with 2-year Parts and Accessories Warranty when installed with Brian Jessel BMW. Give us a call today at 604-222-7788 for more details or book your service appointment now at Brian Jessel BMW to get it installed in your BMW.

*External laboratory. Test Center Tiilila – Finland. BMW 525i Touring. Saving 2.5l/100 kms within first 4 cycles (11 km and 13˚ drive time) at -20˚C.
**External laboratory. University of Ontario Institute of Technology. Tested on BMW X5.
†Preheater for 2012 BMW 528xi with N20 engine. Includes 2 hours of labour at $115/hour before taxes. Prices quoted are suggested manufacturers’ retail prices. Price may vary. All prices are in Canadian dollars. Taxes extra. Prices subject to change without notice.

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