BMW to Double Carbon Fiber Production

A display of the BMW i3's Carbon Fiber Chassis

f A display of the BMW i3’s Carbon Fiber Chassis

With the huge success of the all-new BMW i3 and a first for the automotive industry for a mass-produced carbon fiber chassis, BMW’s plant in Moses Lake (Washington, U.S.) is looking to drive up the production power of its carbon fiber. According to reports, the BMW i3 has already been met with over 10,000 orders and to keep up, the Moses Lake plant in the U.S. is looking to double its production power.


Multiple spools of the material used to weave the carbon fiber. Several of these are fed into a loom for the weaving process.

Carbon fiber was the material of choice for BMW to offset the naturally heavy weight of batteries used to power an Electric Vehicle. The material produced in Moses Lake is being processed at a BMW plant in the city of Landshut in Bavaria, Germany. The Landshut plant is currently producing CFRP (carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer) body components for the BMW i3 and BMW i8. Representatives for BMW have already confirmed that they will be looking to bring the same carbon fiber material that’s currently used to other, future BMW series vehicles.

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